legal Advisory

Legal Advisory

A legal advisor is typically a lawyer or other type of law professional who specializes in offering legal assistance on a variety of matters. While they may sometimes pursue lawsuits and litigation for their clients, their general job is to ensure that a client’s actions in a particular matter are legal. Larger businesses and organizations employ a legal advisor to manage contracts and advise on policy. Many legal advisors specialize in a particular area of law likewise: FAMILY LAW: Advisors may provide legal services that concern marriage/divorce. CUSTODY LAW: Concern inheritance issues. LABOUR LAW or Employment Law: Professional may be concerned with worker’s compensation issues, workplace or wrongful dismissal suits in according to Law. .
  • CORPORATE LAW: Commercial lawyers often serve as advisors to businesses. A legal advisor may serve as a resource for an informed opinion on a legal question .An advisor may do research, provide relevant materials, and cite specific laws to help explain a law or draft a plan for a client. In some cases, an advisor may assist in preparing documents or examining contracts and other documents to help ensure that an action is being done legally. In some cases, an advisor may also serve as a client’s Attorney representing him or her in court.


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